2023 Photos

Matchplay Finalists with Lady Captain Ann Davy
Jackie and Anne playing the 15th hole
Nett Matchplay Champion Denise Edwards, Lady Captain Ann Davy and Gross Matchplay Champion Jackie Barraclough

Winter Foursomes, Cleckheaton, 6th April

Division One
1st: J. Helliwell & H. Rothera, Bingley St Ives, 28points
2nd: J. Cranston Young & G. Fry, Shipley, 27points
3rd: S. White & H. Pattinson, South Bradford, 26points
4th: E. Watkinson & J. Starkie, Keighley, 26points

Division Two
1st: W. Buckley & J. Middlebrook, Cleckheaton, 32points
2nd: L. Gartland & J. Rhodes, Bradford Moor, 27points
3rd: H. Kendall & J. Butterfield, Bingley St Ives, 27points
4th: E. Bailey & B. Tempest, Northcliffe, 25points

Division Three
1st: E. Lawson & J. Clarke, Rawdon, 30points
2nd: S. Ellis & G. Coates, Northcliffe, 25points
3rd: P. Nankervis & |S. Anderson, Cleckheaton, 25points
4th: S. Howes & E. Toft, Skipton, 25points

Shield Results 2022/2023
Division 1: Cleckheaton
Division 2: Cleckheaton
Division 3: West Bradford

Winter Foursomes Charity Competition

23rd March 2023, Baildon Golf Club

Team Results
1st: Baildon 87 Points
2nd: Shipley 78 Points
3rd: Keighley 77 Points

Individual Results
Silver Division: Sue Delaney (Baildon)

Bronze Division: Lynn Illingworth (Baildon)

£1075 was raised for Manorlands

Thanks go to all the ladies who played and everyone who bought raffle tickets.

Bradford & District Winter Foursomes 2nd March 2023, Branshaw Golf Club

Division 1
1st L. Foster & J. Bone, Bingley 29 points (Back 9)
2nd V. Cattrell & S. Cottle, Rawdon 29 points
3rd J. Barraclough & |W. Buckley, Cleckheaton 28 points (Back 9)
4th J. Starkie & E. Watkinson, Keighley 28 points

Division 2
1st B. Spencer & L. Birkinshaw, Woodhall 32 points
2nd A. Marsay & L. Illingworth, Baildon 30 points
3rd D. Appleyard & J. Emmett, Keighley 27 points (Back 9)
4th L. Raeburn & D. Hecker, Woodhall 27 points

Division 3
1st G. Woods & S. Binns, Northcliffe, 33 points
2nd J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe 27 points (Back 9)
3rd T Bennett & D. Buttrick, Bingley 27 points (Back 3)
4th S. Bentham & J. Osbourn, Northcliffe 27 points

Well done Ladies!

Bradford & District Winter Foursomes 1st December 2022 Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

Division 1

1st: A. Buckley & D. Page, Cleckheaton, 30points
2nd: G. Cattrell & S. Cottle, Rawdon, 29 points
3rd: J. Barraclough & H. Lambert, Cleckheaton, 28 points
4th: J. Starkie & E. Watkinson, Keighley, 26 points

Division 2

1st: A. Kelly & K. Gomersall, Cleckheaton, 27 Points
2nd: P. Hartley & G. Fletcher, Shipley, 26 points
3rd: C. Nailer & J. Elsworth, Shipley, 26 points
4th: A. Davy & B. Tempest, Northcliffe, 26 points

Division 3

1st: P. Newman & J. Stead, Bracken Ghyll, 30 points
2nd: J. Chapman & H. Sonsara, West Bradford, 28 points
3rd: S. Bentham & J. Osborn, Northcliffe, 25 points
4th: J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe, 23 points

The members of the Alliance Committee would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bradford and District Winter Foursomes Skipton 3rd November 2022

Divisions 1: 0-23, 2: 24-30, 3: 31-38

Division 1:
1st: D. Jeffery & E. Watkinson, Keighley, 30 points
2nd: K. Brammah & M. Priestley, Shipley, 29 points
3rd: S. White & S. Clark, South Bradford, 29 points
4th: C. Nailer & J. Elsworth, Shipley, 28 points

Division 2:
1st: A. Kelly & K. Gomersall, Cleckheaton, 30 points
2nd: L. Cartland & C. Deighton, Bradford Moor, 29 points
3rd: J. Middlebrook & S. Ketchion, Cleckheaton, 27 points
4th: C. Fishburn & L. Birkenshaw, Woodhall Hills, 26 points

Division 3:
1st J. Stead & P. Newman, Bracken Ghyll, 24 points
2nd: S. Bentham & J. Osborn, Northcliffe, 24 points
3rd: J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe, 23 points
4th: M. Kipling & D. Griffin, Bradford, 21 points

Next competition: 1st December 2022, Bracken Ghyll

Friday Photos

Presentation of trophies to Champions on the Gross and Nett Matchplay Results Pages