Lucy Eaton won the Gross Championship by beating Hannah Chaudry on the first extra hole by chipping in for a 2!

Gross Champion….Lucy Eaton (Skipton Golf Club)

Runner-Up…….Hannah Chaudry (Northcliffe Golf Club)

Jane Walsh beat Irene Slinger in the Nett Championship final

Nett Champion……Jane Walsh (South Bradford Golf Club)

Runner-Up…….Irene Slinger (Northcliffe Golf Club)


Semifinal Startsheet and Tri-Am winners

Semifinals Startsheet

9:00am               L. Eaton          v          K. Barraclough

9:10am               H. Chaudry    v         L. Ireland

9:20am               J. Walsh          v         J. Finney

9:30am               K. Brammah   v       I. Slinger

The finals will take place as soon after 12:30 as possible.


Winners: M. Watkinson (Keighley), Melissa Fletcher (Keighley), Therese Blackburn (Bracken Ghyll)      84 Points (43 on back 9)

Runners-Up: E. Daley (Northcliffe), L. Brook (Northcliffe), B. Tempest (Northcliffe) 84 Points (40 on back 9)


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