Winter Foursomes, Cleckheaton, 6th April

Division One
1st: J. Helliwell & H. Rothera, Bingley St Ives, 28points
2nd: J. Cranston Young & G. Fry, Shipley, 27points
3rd: S. White & H. Pattinson, South Bradford, 26points
4th: E. Watkinson & J. Starkie, Keighley, 26points

Division Two
1st: W. Buckley & J. Middlebrook, Cleckheaton, 32points
2nd: L. Gartland & J. Rhodes, Bradford Moor, 27points
3rd: H. Kendall & J. Butterfield, Bingley St Ives, 27points
4th: E. Bailey & B. Tempest, Northcliffe, 25points

Division Three
1st: E. Lawson & J. Clarke, Rawdon, 30points
2nd: S. Ellis & G. Coates, Northcliffe, 25points
3rd: P. Nankervis & |S. Anderson, Cleckheaton, 25points
4th: S. Howes & E. Toft, Skipton, 25points

Shield Results 2022/2023
Division 1: Cleckheaton
Division 2: Cleckheaton
Division 3: West Bradford

Winter Foursomes Charity Competition

23rd March 2023, Baildon Golf Club

Team Results
1st: Baildon 87 Points
2nd: Shipley 78 Points
3rd: Keighley 77 Points

Individual Results
Silver Division: Sue Delaney (Baildon)

Bronze Division: Lynn Illingworth (Baildon)

£1075 was raised for Manorlands

Thanks go to all the ladies who played and everyone who bought raffle tickets.

Bradford & District Winter Foursomes 2nd March 2023, Branshaw Golf Club

Division 1
1st L. Foster & J. Bone, Bingley 29 points (Back 9)
2nd V. Cattrell & S. Cottle, Rawdon 29 points
3rd J. Barraclough & |W. Buckley, Cleckheaton 28 points (Back 9)
4th J. Starkie & E. Watkinson, Keighley 28 points

Division 2
1st B. Spencer & L. Birkinshaw, Woodhall 32 points
2nd A. Marsay & L. Illingworth, Baildon 30 points
3rd D. Appleyard & J. Emmett, Keighley 27 points (Back 9)
4th L. Raeburn & D. Hecker, Woodhall 27 points

Division 3
1st G. Woods & S. Binns, Northcliffe, 33 points
2nd J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe 27 points (Back 9)
3rd T Bennett & D. Buttrick, Bingley 27 points (Back 3)
4th S. Bentham & J. Osbourn, Northcliffe 27 points

Well done Ladies!

Bradford & District Winter Foursomes 1st December 2022 Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

Division 1

1st: A. Buckley & D. Page, Cleckheaton, 30points
2nd: G. Cattrell & S. Cottle, Rawdon, 29 points
3rd: J. Barraclough & H. Lambert, Cleckheaton, 28 points
4th: J. Starkie & E. Watkinson, Keighley, 26 points

Division 2

1st: A. Kelly & K. Gomersall, Cleckheaton, 27 Points
2nd: P. Hartley & G. Fletcher, Shipley, 26 points
3rd: C. Nailer & J. Elsworth, Shipley, 26 points
4th: A. Davy & B. Tempest, Northcliffe, 26 points

Division 3

1st: P. Newman & J. Stead, Bracken Ghyll, 30 points
2nd: J. Chapman & H. Sonsara, West Bradford, 28 points
3rd: S. Bentham & J. Osborn, Northcliffe, 25 points
4th: J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe, 23 points

The members of the Alliance Committee would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bradford and District Winter Foursomes Skipton 3rd November 2022

Divisions 1: 0-23, 2: 24-30, 3: 31-38

Division 1:
1st: D. Jeffery & E. Watkinson, Keighley, 30 points
2nd: K. Brammah & M. Priestley, Shipley, 29 points
3rd: S. White & S. Clark, South Bradford, 29 points
4th: C. Nailer & J. Elsworth, Shipley, 28 points

Division 2:
1st: A. Kelly & K. Gomersall, Cleckheaton, 30 points
2nd: L. Cartland & C. Deighton, Bradford Moor, 29 points
3rd: J. Middlebrook & S. Ketchion, Cleckheaton, 27 points
4th: C. Fishburn & L. Birkenshaw, Woodhall Hills, 26 points

Division 3:
1st J. Stead & P. Newman, Bracken Ghyll, 24 points
2nd: S. Bentham & J. Osborn, Northcliffe, 24 points
3rd: J. Hopkins & S. Dickerson, Northcliffe, 23 points
4th: M. Kipling & D. Griffin, Bradford, 21 points

Next competition: 1st December 2022, Bracken Ghyll

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