Matchplay Finals

Gross Champion, Hannah Chaudry, Northcliffe Golf Club

Nett Champion, Penny Hartley, Shipley Golf Club

Runner-Up Gross Competition, Jackie Barraclough, Cleckheaton Golf Club

Runner -Up Nett Competition, Jacqui Rowley, Shipley Golf Club

Semi-final startsheet & Tri-Am Results

Gross competition

9:00 Hannah Chaudry v Lynda Ireland

9:20 Jackie Barraclough v Alexandra Gavin

Nett Competition

9:10 Jacqui Rowley v Janet Oliver

9:30 Penny Hartley v Michelle Sunderland

Tri Am Results

L. Hollyoak, E. Watkinson, M. Fletcher 78 points

A. Borsos, V. Exley, D. Wrightson 76 points

C. Cox, A. Merryweather, D. Thompson 75 points

L. Dearnley, A. Jenkins, P. Dawson 74 points

R. Twine, M. Dore, B. Tempest 74 points

R. Sutcliffe, T. Whittle, P. Murray 70 points

T. Blackburn, A. Richardson, F. Wilkinson 61 points

C. Joy, C. Howorth, J. Hodgson 58 points

Thursday Matchplay and Tri-Am Startsheet

Gross Competition

9:00 Hannah Chaudry v Alison Kelly

9:20 Lynda Ireland v Jeanie Worby

9:40 Elaine Pearson v Jackie Barraclough

10:00 Alexandra Gavin v Anne Flintoff

Nett Competition

9:10 Lynn Yeadon v Jacqui Rowley

9:30 Jane Cranston-Young v Janet Oliver

9:50 Sandra Pearson v Penny Hartley

10:10 Catherine Deighton v Michelle Sunderland

Tri-Am Startsheet

10:20: Anne Borsos, Val Exley, Doris Wrightson

10:30 Rose Sutcliffe, Teresa Whittle, Pat Murray

10:40 Louisa Hollyoak, Emma Watkinson, Melissa Fletcher

10:50 L.K. Dearnley, Alison Jenkins, Pat Dawson

11:00 Carrin Joy, Carole Howorth, Jo Hodgson

11:10 Theresa Blackburn, Adrienne Richardsopn, Freda Wilkinson

11:20 Carole Cox, Annie Merriweather, Debra Thompson

11:30 Rhoda Twine, Maureen Dore, Belinda Tempest.

Wednesday Results

Best Gross: Hannah Chaudry

Gross Runner Up : Anne Flintoff

3rd Gross: Elaine Pearson

Best Nett: Lynn Yeadon

Nett Runner Up : Michelle Sunderland

3rd Nett: Sandra Pearson

Gross Qualifiers: Hannah Chaudry, Anne Flintoff, Elaine Pearson, Lynda Ireland, Jeanie Worby,

Jackie Barraclough, Alexandra Gavin, Alison Kelly

Nett Qualifiers: Lynn Yeadon, Michelle Sunderland, Sandra Pearson, Jane Cranston-Young, Janet Oliver,

Penny Hartley, Catherine Deighton, Jacqui Rowley.

Tri-Am Results

1st: J. Mitchell, G. Fry and L. Foster 84 points

2nd: L. Ripard, E. Watkinson, M. Watkinson 73 points (Back 9)

3rd: M Hunter, A. Harney and M. Dore 73 points

4th: V. Exley, A |Borsos and M Litchfield 73 points

5th: L. Brook, M. Fletcher and E. Tordoff 66 points

6th: P. Murray, P. Dawson and R. Sutcliffe 63 points

7th: M. Craven, L K Dearnley and P. Holdsworth 56 points